faith. It’s a simple, quiet, little word. But it sings loudly in my heart, my family and my art.

my heart. I married my best friend and for more than 20 years, he’s walked beside me in support of my passion. From pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at Miami University, to flourishing as an art director at agencies in Denver, Los Angeles, and Columbus to supporting my decision to stay home with our children.

my family. Living in Westerville, Ohio, our three children fill our home with laughter, joy and love. A source of daily inspiration.

my art. I believe life is captured in the moments, sacred moments. It gives me great joy and purpose to share my art with you.

What is
Blessed Moments Studio?

Kellyn DonnellyI chose the name Blessed Moments Studio for a few reasons. I am blessed that I have the God-given gift of creating art. Finding beauty in the everyday moments makes my soul happy. Do you ever wish that you could stop and take a breath and notice the beauty around you? I want to live with my eyes wide-open. There are days when I am rushing to the next thing and I forget to see. Those are the days that I feel disconnected to this life and I want to have very few of these days, but it is a choice. Find what is important and pay close attention to not let those moments pass you by. The phone call from a friend that you take even though you have too much to do. The doing will get done. It is the connections we make to others that will matter in the end. The blessed moments I spend sitting at the nursing home visiting with the elderly are life-giving to me. I try to wake up and ask God what really needs to get done today and usually He leads me to tasks far more important than what I have planned. When I put others first, I find that I still get the “to do” list done, sometimes with time to spare. There is beauty in the everyday moments. I want you to see that you too are surrounded by these moments.  Your blessed moments. The sunrise. The way the clouds move across the sky. The pattern you will see in the middle of the flower; if you just look close enough. The beauty in the texture of the cracked and peeling paint. Yes, there is beauty in the broken. Letting what you see transform your attitude about life is an art. It is all about how you see it and what you choose to focus on.

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Custom Pieces from My Studio

Do you like to give unique gifts? I am an artist and I love creating unique pieces of art for my family and friends. I have items in my store that may speak to you. Feel free to take a lookIf you don’t find what you’re looking for, browse my gallery and contact me directly. Do you know something special about your friend or relative? Their favorite place to visit, favorite quote, flower, colors? I have done many custom pieces and my clients always come back to me to tell me how much their friend loved their present. One of my favorite things about being an artist is seeing the look of surprise on the person’s face when they open their gift. I feel I can offer you that same experience when we work together to create a thoughtful piece for you, your friend or family member.

God is the thread that links all of us. I love the thought that we are all connected in this life. Connect with me on Instagram or link to my RSS feed to be notified of updates.