redbud with snow

this too shall pass

The snow is here again. I feel like we were just in the middle of the polar vortex from last year. I used to love the first snow. My kids still do. They were beyond thrilled to walk to the bus stop today. Maybe even sled when they get home. It is beautiful. But it is November. Our last big snow was mid March. That is the possibility of 4 months of cold weather. Be in the moment. Be in the moment. Enjoy the day. Capture the beauty. A little good self-talk and I hope I can get past the  negative and enjoy the moment. This blessed moment. It will be gone fast enough.

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Why is it that when we are in the thick of having little ones at home time seems to go so slow. But, once the kids are in school all day the weeks, months and years seem to fly by. Maybe that is by design. Maybe we are to be thankful when they are in school all day. Maybe it is God’s way of saying, “See you should have enjoyed the slow pace more.”

I remember seeing a woman in the grocery when I had all three of mine at ages 5, 3, and newborn and she commented to me, “it goes so fast, enjoy it.” Really? I mean are you serious?? I felt like I was living in the movie Ground Hog’s Day. Now that mine are 12, 10 and 7 and I see moms with their littles in tow I know I should have listened to her. Not that there aren’t moments that I will forever cherish but I wish I had been ok with the slow pace. Because now I long for those days. I wish I had enjoyed it more instead of complaining about the lack of sleep. Ok the lack of sleep does suck and it is real but it too shall pass. Just as the baby stage, toddler stage, elementary school stage all pass. The snow will pass. It will be spring again and we will start all over. God willing.



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