it’s not all about me

Not even close. When I wake up and think about what I am going to do or get done I always get disappointed. Because, as we all know, it isn’t about me. My days get totally hijacked when I try to plan them. Sick kids. Meetings. Laundry. You name it. But when I  wake up and ask God what He wants me to do I am never disappointed. Exhausted, yes. But those days work best. I do more for others than myself on those days and I feel better about that than about the stuff I didn’t get done when I was on my own agenda. Funny how that works. On days that I am helping others the stuff gets done. Maybe even more than when I try to plan it. God makes time. He provides when you provide.

Thursdays are my intentional God days. I visit the nursing home on the other side of town and sit with a woman there that has become a dear friend. Today I met her in the chapel at the facility. Even better to start my God day in church. I needed God today and He knew it. I needed to have my mind off of myself. My website went live last night. I was excited and nervous. I wanted to tell everyone about it. God had other plans. He filled my day. I mean really filled it. With good meaningful stuff. Helping others. All. Day. Long.

So now I sit for the first time all day to think about me. But all I can think about are all the lives I spent time with today. Please pray for all the elderly in the nursing homes, all the people who are sick of being sick, and pray for all the young lives that have dreams and ideas about who they are and what they want to be. The dreamers. Yes especially them. Pray for the dreamers. Our world needs them.


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