do not be afraid

Do not be afraid. This is a trending message of the Gospel during the Advent season. One that is given by the angels to many. Mary. Joseph. The shepherds. Zechariah. God has been trying since the dawn of time to calm our fears. The whole reason God brought Jesus to us was to give us a plan. When we have a plan we live less scared. Live the way He has taught us. Do it all in LOVE. If everything we do revolves around love how can we go wrong. So plan on loving.

Do not be afraid. Do something outside of yourself. Say yes to God. Do you hear that whisper? Act on it.

Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing.

If we can trust and let God work in and through us life can be pretty good. Now, I am not saying fairytale good and no problems good. I am talking about waking up knowing that God is in control. When we can release the pressure to perform and let God take the wheel we can be free.

So freely give LOVE this Christmas and stop carrying the burden by yourself.

Blessings to you and yours. Merry Christmas.


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