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instagram: creating your tribe and finding yourself

Finding the right people to follow on instagram is a little like trying to figure out who to talk to in a crowded room at a party. First you gravitate towards those that look like you or look really interesting and then you see if they share your interests. If they do then usually they ...

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do not be afraid

Do not be afraid. This is a trending message of the Gospel during the Advent season. One that is given by the angels to many. Mary. Joseph. The shepherds. Zechariah. God has been trying since the dawn of time to calm our fears. The whole reason God brought Jesus to us was to give us a ...

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it’s not all about me

Not even close. When I wake up and think about what I am going to do or get done I always get disappointed. Because, as we all know, it isn’t about me. My days get totally hijacked when I try to plan them. Sick kids. Meetings. Laundry. You name it. But when I  wake up and ask God ...

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redbud with snow

this too shall pass

The snow is here again. I feel like we were just in the middle of the polar vortex from last year. I used to love the first snow. My kids still do. They were beyond thrilled to walk to the bus stop today. Maybe even sled when they get home. It is beautiful. But it ...

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Craft House sitting room

camp create

Thank you God for grace and for pretty little corners like this at Whatever Camp Create. What an amazingly safe and soulful space that allowed us all to dream God-sized dreams. Megan Duerksen was an awesome host. This was the first Camp Create that she has hosted. We were lucky enough to have author Holley ...

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pure joy

I sat down this morning to spend some time in the Word. It usually works well when I just open to a page and read. Today was no different. There are so many people suffering in trials of all kinds. Just when I feel like whining I read this…”Consider it pure joy when you face ...

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