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instagram: creating your tribe and finding yourself

Finding the right people to follow on instagram is a little like trying to figure out who to talk to in a crowded room at a party. First you gravitate towards those that look like you or look really interesting and then you see if they share your interests. If they do then usually they will enhance your time at the party. If not then you move on. I have found this to be true on instagram. Some of the people that I follow I have met in the real world and they have become friends others I can’ t wait to meet. How cool is that?? A lot like life. I want to be with the people that make me a better person. People that make me think. Instagram is a great place to build each other up.

Instagram is more than social media. I have made new friends, keep in touch with old ones, find clients, possible business partners and collaborators. I feel like I am a part of a wonderful tribe of soulful creative beings. While working from home this is important to me.

My time spent on instagram is a little like going to work. I get inspired. I get to have “water cooler” conversations. I get distracted talking about my kids. You know regular work stuff.

I get so inspired here in this wonderfully complex visual space. Occasionally a photo will take my breath away and I know I need to paint it. I love tagging the original poster of the photo when I share my creation. I want them to know that they inspired me. Spreading the love. Supporting each other. That is what this life is all about.

Please join me on instagram @kellyndon. Find your fellow travelers and build a community worth hanging out in. You may even like it so much you do your best work there. Special thanks to all the people who lead me and my followers. You inspire me to be a better person!!! Keep on keeping on. Special thanks the following for sharing their view of the world @ruby1508 @goodhart49737 @flowerpatchfarmgirl @amykolz @abjchurch @farmgirlpaints

photo by @ruby1508watercolor by Kellyn Donnelly inspired by @ruby1508photo by @goodhart49737 watercolor by Kellyn Donnelly inspired by @goodhart49737photo by @flowerpatchfarmgirl watercolor by Kellyn Donnelly inspired by @flowerpatchfarmgirlphoto by @amykolz watercolor by Kellyn Donnelly inspired by @amykolzphoto by @abjchurchwatercolor by Kellyn Donnelly inspired by @abjchurch5_instainspired_goshen_photo 5_instainspired_goshen_sketch 7_instainspired_cows_photo 7_instainspired_cows_sketch




If you are interested in a custom watercolor sketch of your favorite photo contact me at or stop by my store: blessed moments studio


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